Studio Costa Progettazioni is an Italian architectural practice based in Rome. Working in an environment strongly influenced by history where values from diverging times and places converge. The founder, Renzo Costa, believes that the highest expression of culture is performed by architecture which embraces and reinterprets the past, as well as addressing to a contemporary future and sustainable development.

The depth of experience and detailed industry knowledge enables Studio Costa Progettazioni to identify interior design trends at their source, make definitive predictions about new directions and innovations with the ultimate objective of adding value, raise standards and enhance the brand of a project’s owner.

Studio Costa Progettazioni is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in each sector of architecture and design with particular attention to the signature looks of today’s luxury hospitality brands and offices, elegant boutiques, spas, world-class residences, restaurants and cruise ships.

Under the supervision of Renzo Costa each project is designed in collaborative and creative workshops where the project team develop the scheme through the various design stages.

Each project is undertaken as a challenge with a totally independent design. The project is evolved around the client’s desires, the site opportunities, the local context and culture, the planning guidelines, the environment, and of course the construction budget.

When projects are situated overseas, in-country consultants collaborate with the design team as guide through local regulations and help with local construction technology and the selection of readily available material.